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Welcome to the Unicode Nepali Project.

This is a new version (major v4.0) of  I initially started this project back in 2005 as a weekend Computer Science experiment. In early 2006, the first version of the Unicode Nepali Converter was released for public use. Since then, several versions have been out and now, Nepali language enthusiasts from all around the Globe use the software every day.

This version of the software has several new and significant features. These include:

  • Low-Bandwidth Mode for users with slow Internet connection, such as dialup;
  • Multi-lingual support for both English and Nepali language; and
  • Support for additional keyboard layouts (such as traditional--typewritter or MPP Romanized)
As much as it is rewarding in terms of self-satisfaction, it has been a challenge to find time to work on this project. So with this version, I am also changing the core framework of this project to make it more automated.  Now, any user can suggest a new word to be added to the converter's database and vote on pending words. After sufficient votes have been cast in support of the word, the word gets automatically published to the database and becomes immidiately available on the converter tools.

If you have a question or need assistance, please visit the user's group at: You can post your questions there. Also, if you want to use the old version of the Converter, you can find it here.

Again, welcome to the project, and thanks for your support.

-- Deepak Khanal

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